Tensoceil – Stretch Ceilings and Wall Systems


Tensoceil India is an established brand for Stretch Ceilings in India. We supply stretch ceilings products and wall systems all over India, which are manufactured in Europe. The ceiling fabrics constitute of a thin PVC membrane stretched within a profile. This system can create custom curves, angles, domes and other various shapes according to the end user.

Stretch Ceilings are available in a vast array of Colours and Finishes including Matt, Satin, Lacquer and Translucent, providing you with an unlimited and endless possibility to create a distinct and unique design.

Applications :

Commercial :
Retail Stores
Bar & Restaurants
Museums & Galleries
School & Colleges
Resorts & Clubs
Bus & Railway Stations
Exhibitions & Events
Domestic :
Bed Rooms & Kitchen
Swimming Pools
Cinema Rooms
Lighting Solutions