Architectonic Car Parking Shades – The Shade Studio is one of the leading manufacturing company which is basically based in Chandigarh city and provides their unique services in different districts of states Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, etc. Are you the one who is looking for the best design of architectonic car parking shades? Are you the one who is in search of best manufacturer for architectonic shades? If yes, here we have a perfect solution for you. Now you don’t have to search further because connect with and we will provide you the best services.

Architectonic Car Parking Shades

The Sheds are very beneficial to us and you must have seen it is almost in everyone’s house. The architectonic car parking shades protect our cars from bad weather, UV stabilized rays, etc. The Shade Studio is one of the leading manufacturers of all different designs of car parking sheds like tensile, polycarbonate, architectonic, etc. So, if you are looking for the services, we suggest you connect with us. For more detailed information, feel free to contact us by dialing 91 – 9815555518. You can also send us your query through email We have a wide range of designs and also available in different sizes.

Demand For Architectonic Car Parking Shades

Talking about the demand for the architectonic car parking shades then it has been growing at the rapid speed. People are choosing different types of shades to protect their luxury vehicles. As you all must have seen, everyone in families has their own car or personal vehicles. So, just to protect them from bad weather, UV rays, Rain, etc people use different designs of shades. These shades also help in enhancing the beauty of houses. So, if you have luxury cars and looking for the tensile, conical, architectonic shades for your house then it can be great for you. As the demand for different sheds is increasing day by day, many people from different places are choosing this as their career opportunity. 

Benefits Of Using Architectonic Car Parking Shades

There are many benefits of using architectonic car parking shades. If you are the one who is looking for the benefits of architectonic sheds then here we have all the knowledge for you. Here are some of the benefits mentioned below for you.

  • Strong HDPE sheds which are 100% recyclable fabric and won’t rot or absorb the moisture.
  • The shades are centered (heat-set) to reduce the shrinkage and for ease of fabrication.
  • Architectonic shades are 10 years UV degradation warranty on fabric.
  • These shades are 100% lead and phthalate free.
  • All the shades are highly certified.
  • Can be manufactured in different designs.

These are some of the benefits. There are many more which are not listed here.

Why Should You Choose Us For Architectonic Car Parking Shades?

We are considered as one of the leading company of car parking shades. We provide different designs of parking shades to our customers according to demand and requirement. The Shade Studio is a manufacturing company which has their own team of architectures. So, if you are the one who is living in Chandigarh, Panchkula Or Mohali and looking for the best design of architectonic car parking shades then we suggest you choose us and avail the benefits. The basic aim of shade studio is to protect people and their vehicles from U.V rays and heat. The company design and manufacture the best architectonic shade structures which are architecturally good and by using the best quality of the material. 

We hope, we provided you the best information regarding the architectonic car parking shades. We hope, the article is useful to you. For more detailed information, feel free to contact us anytime or you can visit our official website.

Contact Details

Name – The Shade Studio

Address – Chandigarh

Phone No – 9815555518

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